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4 Week In-Home Training Program

Look Good, Feel Good

With public places closing down from the coronavirus and more people staying home from the gym not to risk infection - don't be one who falls behind in your health and fitness! To avoid getting sick: exercising and eating healthy boosts the immune system and is, therefore, a proactive and preventative measure you can continue to take to staying healthy!

With that said our team has created a fantastic Online in-home training program. This program provides in-home workouts to keep you on track with your health, as the virus takes its course out in public places! Stay on track while you stay at home this season!

Whats included? 

-5 workouts per week (totaling 20 for the month). These workouts are presented in a convenient online Calendar, with videos and detailed description, for your convenience and reference.

-Meal plan for meal prep once per week

-Update your measurements when you start and when you complete!

-Update your progress photo from when you start and when you finish!



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