COVID19 Re-Open Strategy

LynHolly Fitness, located at 32175 Castle Ct, Evergreen; WE WILL be offering:

 A "One Hour Personal Workout" time slot for you to schedule.

What does this look like? 

1. You will have the gym space to yourself - except for the owner who will be present to ensure you are maintaining cleanliness requirements and time slot accountability.

2. Each hour slot is blocked off with 20 minutes in-between so deep cleaning can take place between each person.

3. There will be a "workout of the day" posted on the white bored for reference, otherwise, feel free to do whatever workout you wish as this is an independent workout time for you.


Small Group Training! 

1. Maximum of 5 attendees

2. Spacial distancing required

3. Good hygiene required (cover mouth when you sneeze or cough; wash your hands regularly, etc.)

Guidelines of this service:

1. You are REQUIRED to sign a waiver in order to use the gym space.

2. You are REQUIRED to thoroughly wash your hands before and after use of equipment.

3. You are REQUIRED to leave all loose workout equipment you used in the middle of the black flooring when you are done with your workout to be cleaned. 


5. All slots are by appointment only!!

6. The state encourages you wear a face mask. The REASON: even though there will only be two people within the space, if you are asymptomatic you run the risk of exposing the owner, or others you may cross encounter while at the gym. HOWEVER, with that said, please keep this is mind: 

"The concentration of CO2 in each breath is ~3.8%, and the“average” person produces approximately two pounds of carbon dioxide each day. More CO2 is given off by strenuous activity.

Hypercapnia, hypercarbia, or hypercapnea, is the physiological term for the condition of, and the body’sresponse to, excessive carbon dioxide. When CO2 is breathed into the lungs, it dissolves in the water there, diffuses across the alveolar-capillary membrane, and enters the bloodstream. As it combines with water, it forms carbonic acid, making the blood acidic. So CO2 in the bloodstream lowers the blood pH.

When CO2 levels become excessive, a condition known as acidosis occurs. This is defined as the pH of the blood becoming less than 7.35. The body maintains the balance mainly by using bicarbonate ions in the blood. As the body responds to neutralize this condition, an electrolyte imbalance – an increase of plasma chloride, potassium, calcium and sodium, can occur. In the blood stream, CO2 concentration is also controlled by reversible reactions with two major blood components, plasma proteins and hemoglobin.

In addition, the body uses other specific mechanisms to compensate for the excess carbon dioxide. Breathing rate and breathing volume increase, the blood pressure increases, the heart rate increases, and kidney bicarbonate production ( in order to buffer the effects of blood acidosis), occur. Blood vessels in the extremities constrict, restricting blood flow to these body parts. At the same time, arteries in the brain, spinal cord, and heart dilate, so that more blood flows is diverted to maintain the function of these critical organs" (  

IN SHORT: I will not hassle you if you choose not to wear one when you work out, since increased CO2 in your lungs (and body overall) is not good for you.

These guidelines are in place for your own personal safety as well as for those who follow you.



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